Why Whole Body Cryotherapy?


MLB Pitcher liked cryotherapy so much that he started his own cryotherapy business.

Dr. James Andrews serving as Chair of Advisory Board

Clinical Studies



Optimization of the treatment of patients with osteoarthritis using hyperbaric gaseous cryotherapy improves by 33% the efficacy of rehabilitative treatment of patients with arthrosis affecting the large joints.


NIH Preliminary-Study on the Effects of the WBC of patients with multiple sclerosis.

NIH Study on the effects of 15 consecutive Cryotherapy sessions on fibromyalgia patients.

NIH pilot study of WBC in rehabilitation of patients with rheumatoid diseases on of histamine. Learn more from this article.

Cryotherapy decreases histamine levels in the blood of patients with rheumatoid arthritis. It may be concluded that the beneficial clinical effects of Cryotherapy in RA patients are in part due to the action on the production, release, or degradation of histamine. Learn more from this article.

Cryotherapy as a treatment for psoriasis.

Cryotherapy: Physiological Considerations and Applications to Physical Therapy 

Five-day whole-body cryostimulation, blood inflammatory markers, and performance in high-ranking professional tennis player

Cryotherapy Effects in

General Recovery



Time-course of changes in inflammatory response after whole-body cryotherapy multi exposures following severe exercise. Overall, the results indicated that the WBC was effective in reducing the inflammatory process.

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The influence of single whole body cryostimulation treatment on the dynamics and the level of maximal anaerobic power. A single whole body cryostimulation may have a minor influence on short-term physical performance of supramaximal intensity, but it leads to improvement of velocity during the start as evidenced by shorter time required to obtain MAP.

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Effects of whole-body Cryotherapy vs. far-infrared vs. passive modalities on recovery from exercise-induced muscle damage in highly-trained runners. WBC sessions performed within the 48 hours after a damaging running exercise accelerate recovery from EIMD to a greater extent than FIR or PAS modalities.

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